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Shireen's Story: A Loyal Patient With a Natural Look *

Real Patient Shireen

Shireen's disappointment in the results of breast augmentation surgery performed elsewhere in 2007 led her to Albany, New York, and Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore for revision surgery. That was in 2009. She's returned for additional cosmetic surgery 2 more times in the years since then and has referred, at last count, 12 other women to the plastic surgeon.

She totally trusts him.

"Dr. Rockmore definitely knows what he's doing," she says. "And he's very personable. You can talk to him like a real person, but he is a perfectionist when it comes to plastic surgery."

Shireen, 39, is a "soccer mom" who shuttles her 3 children to practices and games most of the year. Her husband is a soccer coach, and that's actually what led her to Dr. Rockmore.

"Dr. Rockmore is a soccer guy who my husband knew," she says. "We had heard good things about him, so I scheduled a consultation."

Results That Look Natural

After her first breast augmentation, Shireen says, her breasts weren't really even and it was easy to see dimpling of her saline implants. She replaced the saline with silicone gel breast implants and, based on Dr. Rockmore's recommendation, increased the size from 325 cc to 500 cc. When she saw the results, says Shireen, she knew she made the right choice.

"I wanted results that still looked natural," she says of increasing the size of the implants. "I didn't want my breasts to be underneath my chin. The results are great."

One of the traits Shireen believes sets Dr. Rockmore apart is his responsiveness. She remembers constantly worrying during the first couple of weeks after the breast augmentation revision and calling the practice over and over again.

"I think I saw him 4 times within the first 2 weeks of surgery because I was so paranoid. But he always answered all of my questions, even when I asked the same thing more than once."

"Dr. Rockmore checked in with me constantly after the surgery. He even gave me his cellphone number and said to call anytime if I had concerns."

Shireen returned in 2012 to the Albany plastic surgery practice for a tummy tuck.

"I was always fairly thin, but after having 3 C-sections, I was self-conscious about the scar," she says. "And Dr. Rockmore was honest about telling me that no amount of exercise would strengthen the stomach muscles that were stretched apart by pregnancy."

Refreshing Honesty

As a waitress who is constantly on her feet during her shift — plus having 3 young children — Shireen says she appreciated Dr. Rockmore's honesty about recovery following an abdominoplasty. He explained that she would need to be very careful about lifting anything. She took 3 weeks off work and now says the results are "amazing."

After getting the tummy tuck, Shireen started having Dr. Rockmore perform injectable treatments, such as dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. The Albany-area resident says Dr. Rockmore's approach to aesthetic procedures is consistent, whether you're getting breast implants or BOTOX.

"He doesn't want you to look fake," she says. "He knows how to make the changes you want without looking like you've had 'work' done."

Shireen ultimately asked Dr. Rockmore about rhinoplasty because she says she was bothered by the appearance of her nose. Again, she says, the surgeon gave her an honest assessment.

Before & After Photos





Shireen's before-and-after photos of her rhinoplasty are featured in our photo gallery, along with other patients' results.

"He said 'your nose doesn't fit your face,'" she says. "Plus, I had a deviated septum and had trouble breathing, so he combined the cosmetic rhinoplasty with corrective surgery. My breathing has improved 100%."

Besides Dr. Rockmore's surgical skills, says Shireen, The Plastic Surgery Group's staff made it easy for her to continue returning.

"They're very easy to get along with," she says of the staff. "They are very responsive and will work with your schedule so you get appointments that are convenient."

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*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

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