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Esthetician Profile: Marika Chornyak

Skin Care AestheticianMarika Chornyak, one of our highly skilled estheticians at The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, is passionate and dedicated to helping assist patients’ skin care needs. She offers facial therapies, like microdermabrasion and medical-grade chemical peels, as well as laser hair removal and pre and post-operative skin care treatments. Marika has extensive experience treating many different types of skin issues including acne, rosacea, and menopausal-related conditions. She finds reward in helping develop effective skin care regimens for both men and woman. Continue reading to learn more about Marika and her interests and hobbies:

What is your background/education?

After high school, I attended the Fashion Institute in New York City. Art and design is still one of my passions to this day, but after moving back to the Capital Region, I took a different direction with skin care. I attended the Aesthetics Science Institute in Latham, NY and have taken numerous classes at the International Dermal Institute in New York City.

How did you first become interested in healthcare/aesthetics?

I’ve had my own personal battle with acne since I was a teen. Trial and error of numerous topical products and medications led to my passion for finding a cure for my own skin.  Along the way, I discovered just what my skin needed and developed a love for ingredients and a passion for our biggest organ – skin.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

When men, women and teens return with the clear, bright and even skin tone they’ve always wanted. If you look good, you feel good!

What is one piece of information about skincare treatment that you want to share with readers?

Don’t bother investing in skin firming creams or skin lighteners if you’re just going to go out and soak up the sun. Five years ago at a medical skin seminar, the guest speaker said something I’ll never forget, “The sun makes you ugly.”  We all laughed, but he’s actually 100% right. Hyperpigmentation/brown spots, wrinkles, skin cancer – I don’t find those very attractive.  Medical skin care products at home, and office skin treatments, can change your skin in a matter of weeks.

What are you most likely doing on a Sunday afternoon?

You’ll probably find me baking in the kitchen or taking a scenic road trip somewhere in the Northeast. I love all four seasons! Fall foliage, snow covered trees, fragrant lilac bushes, and rose gardens. How could you choose just one month to enjoy?

What was the last movie you saw?

Taken 2. Come on, who else can rely on their photographic memory, both visual and aural?  Only in Hollywood!

What is one of your bucket list items?

I recently decided to have a seasonal bucket list. Snowboarding is at the top of my list this winter! Any tips to help get me started?

What is your favorite activity outside of the office?

Like many of us, I’m obsessed with my dog. Nina is a feisty 6 lb Chihuahua. The unconditional love from our pets is a wonderful feeling! She’s always smiling when I get home, and because she’s hungry 24/7 and wants to eat! 🙂

Any favorite sports teams?

Any New York team! This is where I’m from, so loyalty is a must!

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