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Albany Breast Reconstruction Facts

Last week, we highlighted the popularity of breast augmentations during the spring season, as people seek to feel more comfortable and confident in their summer clothes. While this procedure can be sought by women with naturally small or large breasts, or women looking to pair the procedure with others such as a breast lift, many other women are in need of a different operation to restore confidence about their bodies: breast reconstruction.

About Breast Reconstruction

At The Plastic Surgery Group, breast reconstruction is a common procedure done by our doctors, who help women restore their natural shape after mastectomies due to breast cancer. We know that a breast cancer diagnosis can be very frightening, and the loss of one or both natural breasts is devastating to the confidence of a woman facing multiple physical and emotional hurdles on her road to recovery.

Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately after a mastectomy or at a later date, depending on the patient’s choice. Breast reconstruction will not be the cause of cancer returning, and many imaging centers are prepared to achieve accurate mammograms despite a breast implant being in place.

Procedure and Recovery

There are multiple types of breast reconstruction, including skin expansion with an insert and flap reconstruction. These methods will be discussed in your consultation, as you work with your doctor to understand what will best suit your body’s needs. Depending on the type of procedure chosen, more than one surgery may be required for the complete reconstruction of your breast, nipple and areola.

Most women require about six weeks of recovery time following breast reconstruction surgery.

The Rewards of Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction procedures are some of the most rewarding procedures for our doctors to do, as they can lead to the restoration of confidence, happiness, and often normalcy, for many people’s lives.

Dr. Susan GannonDr. Susan Gannon regularly performs breast reconstruction procedures, and her patients hold a special place in her heart.

“I love telling this story, and I’ve told it before, but one of my favorite patients was a young girl in her late twenties with bilateral mastectomies. She was devastated,” according to Dr. Gannon. “She was not married and was concerned about who would love her, but after her reconstruction, her self-confidence came back, and she visited me when she was engaged. She’s now married, and she’s the type of patient you know you’ve really helped.”

Taking the First Step Toward Reconstruction

If you are a candidate for breast reconstruction, whether as a breast cancer patient who will have a mastectomy or someone long healed from her own mastectomy, and you wish to restore the shape of the breasts you had prior to cancer treatments, we encourage you to reach out today. Our consultations are free, and our doctors are ready to help you determine if this is the right choice for you.

Looking for a way to help educate the community about breast cancer detection? Visit To Life!, a non-profit organization providing free-of-charge breast cancer education and support services in and around Albany County. The Plastic Surgery Group is pleased to be a sponsor for the 15th Annual To Life! Gala: Honoring the Women in Our Lives, which will take place Tuesday, May 7 at the Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY. 

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