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Before Plastic Surgery: Why Your Medical History Is Important

Are you diabetic? Do you smoke? Have you had cancer?

These facts may not seem important but they’re critical to our doctors as they plan how to perform your procedure in the manner that is both the safest and most effective way for you.
“Your medical history is something to discuss – not something to hide,” says Dr. Susan Gannon. “We want to be best prepared in our approach to your procedure, because that helps you be comfortable during the surgery itself and throughout the recovery process.”

Through our initial paperwork requests and during our first conversations with you at The Plastic Surgery Group, we’ll ask a variety of questions about your medical history, including questions about histories of:

– High blood pressure
– Heart murmur
– Mitral valve prolapse
– Heart bypass surgery
– Heart attack
– Pacemaker
– Asthma
– Stroke
– Diabetes
– Skin cancer
– Cancer (other types)
– Transplants
– Family history of melanoma

You’ll also be asked about any medicines you are allergic to and the medicines that you are currently taking – whether temporarily or consistently.

Why do we ask about these medical conditions and medicines?

Depending on your medical history, your procedure may need to be customized to not only improve your results but allow for a safe procedure and a recovery without complications.

If you’re diabetic, your doctor will want to make sure your insulin levels are not disrupted, before, during or after surgery, especially if anesthesia is involved. Do you have hypertension? Medicines may cause excessive or abnormal bleeding during surgery for which your doctor will want to be prepared. Uses of a variety of medications or a history of certain medical conditions may change your blood’s ability to clot and regular levels of anesthesia to be safe and functional.

What if I think something in my medical history will keep me from having the procedure I want?

Contact one of Albany plastic surgeons. That may not the case!

The most important thing you should do is have a consultation with one of our doctors so we can find the best solution for you. Our highly trained plastic surgeons and nurses want you to achieve the appearance you desire so your self-confidence is boosted. Your complete medical history is critical to achieving that goal, but we must do it safely – and that requires your full disclosure of all details of your medical history.

Don’t let something in your medical history keep you from setting up an initial consultation. And more importantly, don’t hide anything about that medical history – we need to know everything.

Is something in your medical history keeping you from pursuing a cosmetic surgery? Call us today, and we can help you figure out your best solution. Schedule your free consultation!

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