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Breast Augmentation: It’s All About Proportion

Board-certified plastic surgeon helps patient choose proportional breast implants.

News flash: Women considering breast augmentation want results that look natural. This isn’t actually a recent trend, despite what you may have read. As a cosmetic breast surgeon in Albany, NY, it’s been my experience that few patients want breast implants that looked unnaturally large.

Women who come in for a breast augmentation consultation usually have spent a good deal of time researching the procedure online and have certain goals about the look they want. My job is to help them choose breast implants best-suited to achieve those goals and that look proportional to the rest of their bodies. I also help them navigate any specific concerns they have about life after getting implants.

In this blog post, I’ll address some of the most common questions I hear from my breast augmentation patients.

Weightlifting After Getting Implants

One change I have seen over the years is the increase in women concerned about lifting weights after breast augmentation. The good news is that strenuous weight workouts are fine after getting implants, but only after you’re fully healed. As Dr. Susan Gannon wrote in an earlier blog post, it typically takes at least 7 weeks to reach that point, and you should still get the okay from your surgeon before resuming upper body weight work.

Looking Professional With Implants

Women considering breast augmentation sometimes worry that they will forever be showing off cleavage and attracting unwanted attention, especially in professional situations. That won’t be the case if you choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who understands how to create proportional results that take into consideration how your breasts will look in various types of clothes. A highly experienced surgeon will be able to not only recommend implant sizes, but also the profile of an implant.

In choosing the correct implant profile or shape, I think that the breast width diameter (BWD), is a very important measurement.  If you have sufficient width to your chest wall, the moderate profile implant will provide a very natural appearance.

Larger Breasts Don’t Equal Back Pain

Many women are concerned that larger breasts will give them back pain. And it’s true that many women get breast reduction surgery because overly large breasts can cause back pain along with other physical symptoms. However, these women feel pain because their breasts are disproportionately large for the frames of their bodies. There’s that word again: proportional. Even though natural breast tissue and implants weigh about the same, your surgeon can recommend the shape and volume that won’t put stress on your neck or back.

You Can Still Enjoy a Massage

Some patients worry that laying flat on their stomachs for a back massage will damage their implants. That’s not the case, as long as you wait until your breasts are completely healed after the surgery. Check with your surgeon before getting your first back massage after getting breast implants.

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