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When a Trend Reaches Its End: Plastic Surgery for Earlobe Repair

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We have all made fashion choices that we regret, especially if you were around in the 70s and 80s. But in most cases we can look back and laugh at the hairstyle and clothing choices we just had to have at the time. In other cases, we are stuck with the lasting effects, such as those that can occur from body piercings.

I have noticed a trend at my Albany plastic surgery practice where men and women are seeking to repair stretched or deformed earlobes.

In some cases, a patient will have noticeable stretching from years of wearing heavy earrings. In more severe instances, we might see a patient who experienced trauma to the earlobe in the form of a tear. It’s not only painful when something like this happens but can result in the inability to wear earrings permanently. We also see patients who have large, droopy holes in their earlobes from wearing ear tunnels, gauges, or other forms of body modification.

Ear stretching has been practiced by cultures around the world for hundreds of years. Today, it is more commonly practiced as a means of personal expression. Many men and women with stretched earlobes sometimes regret the decision later in life for a variety of reasons. Some find it challenging to get hired at new jobs. Others have left that stage of life behind and are looking for a fresh start. Some say it’s as simple as a change in their personal style.

Whatever the reason, earlobe repair is possible. I offer a quick, in-office procedure to correct ear stretching at our Albany office. Earlobe repair is done using local anesthesia and, in most cases, takes no more than an hour. In order to repair the earlobe, a portion of the stretched skin is removed, and the remaining skin is stitched back together. If a patient would like to be able to wear earrings in the future, the ear can be pierced a couple of months afterward.

If you are interested in earlobe repair, I recommend seeking a board-certified plastic surgeon who will have your best aesthetic result in mind. To request a consultation at The Plastic Surgery Group, contact us online.

The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany offers earlobe repair.

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