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How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost? The Value of enlighten™

Learn more about tattoo removal in Albany, NY

When a tattoo no longer feels like it should be a part of you, it can be disheartening to see it on your body, and you may feel powerless to get rid of it. But thanks to continuing innovation in laser tattoo removal, many of our Albany, NY patients find that what once seemed to be an irreversible decision can be quite effectively lightened or removed.

The first question most patients have, of course, is about cost. Let’s look into some of these issues.

Determining the Cost

A laser tattoo removal treatment can be as little as $350. Size, color, and shading all play a role in determining how many treatments are necessary. We use the CUTERA enlighten* laser to directly target the ink pigment in your skin. When hit with the high-energy laser, these dots break down into smaller particles, which the body then removes naturally.

While some lasers can require as many as 10 treatments, with results that may be less than comprehensive, we find that a 3- to 4-treatment plan with CUTERA enlighten is usually sufficient to remove the tattoos we encounter.

This benefit makes the enlighten system one of the most cost-efficient treatments on the market today.

The Advantage of enlighten

In the video above, you’ll see the CUTERA enlighten laser in action, removing a butterfly tattoo from a patient’s foot.

There are many lasers on the market, but we made the conscious choice to go with CUTERA enlighten. Compared with the others, CUTERA enlighten has an important advantage: It can deliver pulses at 2 wavelengths and 2 different durations. That versatility allows us to quickly adjust for differences in the color and density of ink used at various places on your tattoo. In other words, the CUTERA enlighten laser can effectively target more of your tattoo in a single treatment.

Learn about laser tattoo removal in Albany, NY

In just 1 treatment, the black ink pigment in this patient’s butterfly tattoo was effectively broken down by the CUTERA enlighten laser.

Patience is the key as we work to remove a tattoo. We space treatments about 4 to 8 weeks apart, because the body needs time to naturally remove the ink after the laser breaks it apart.

Why enlighten Offers Excellent Value

We have had a few potential patients be surprised at first when they find out that tattoo removal costs a few hundred dollars and up. But we want to reassure you that enlighten actually costs less than most competitors because it takes far fewer treatments — and it provides better results.

To find out the exact cost of a treatment for you, we would need to evaluate the tattoo you want to remove. Based on its size, its variety of colors (some colors are more challenging to target than others), its position on your body, and your skin condition, we can come up with a plan that stays true to your aesthetic goals and your budget.

Contact us to find out more about how you can erase your tattoo and restore your confidence.

2 Responses to How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost? The Value of enlighten™

  1. Adina says:

    I am looking for tattoo removal services that I can purchase for my sister. Do you have any deals for services?

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Adina,

      We can offer discounted packages depending on how many treatments are scheduled. We do recommend scheduling a consultation and we can go from in there in determining any discounts. Have your sister give us a call to schedule her consultation: (518) 438-0505.


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