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FAQs about Breast Augmentations and Breastfeeding

Many women interested in breast augmentation in Albany visit The Plastic Surgery Group for consultations. While many are mothers past the years of breastfeeding their children, other women have yet to begin and are concerned about the impact breast surgeries will have on their ability to nurse.

“It’s not uncommon for young women to seek breast implants before ever being pregnant,” says one of The Plastic Surgery Group’s specialists. “You make adjustments to the approach when you know a future pregnancy and breastfeeding may occur, but the procedure can indeed be scheduled.”

Here are some frequently asked questions about breastfeeding and breast augmentations to help you make your decision about whether or not to pursue your procedure.

Can you breastfeed after breast augmentation, and is breastfeeding affected in any way?

Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure that adult women of all ages pursue, and most women are able to breastfeed after have it performed. The most common risk to breastfeeding that augmentation causes is a change in feeling and sensation in the nipple area of the breast, which can alter the nursing process and experience for women but rarely makes women unable to breastfeed.

Do breast implants affect the milk my children drink?

There is no risk of dangerously altering your breast milk after an implant. There is very little evidence to suggest that saline or silicone would be able to enter a woman’s breast milk, due to the sizes of saline and silicone molecules. If in fact these molecules did pass into the breast milk, these few molecules pose no danger. Consider how much silicone you unintentionally consume when you wear lipstick daily!

Will pregnancy and breastfeeding damage my implants?

Pregnancy after augmentation is not uncommon, but you should consider how soon you intend to be pregnant. If it’s within a few months of the procedure, it is best to wait until after your pregnancy, to not disrupt the healing process. Your breasts will become enlarged from the pregnancy and change their appearance.

You do not need to be concerned about pregnancy damaging the implants themselves.

Should I tell my doctor I intend to breastfeed after have a breast augmentation procedure done?

In your first consultation with a doctor that may perform your breast augmentation, you should talk about all facets of your lifestyle that could affect your body and the procedure you ultimately pursue. Your interest in breastfeeding may guide your doctor’s decision on where to place the implant and make incisions in order to not affect milk ducts or nerves. As every individual’s body is unique, your desire to breastfeed may or may not make a difference.

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