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French Breast Implants Causing Fear in the UK and Europe

Doctor with Breast Implants

UK Plastic Surgeon with gel implants manufactured by French firm, Poly Implant Prosthese

Dear Albany Plastic Surgery Group,

My mom just called to ask me what kind of breast implants I have because she heard on the news that the French have banned silicone implants. Well, those are what I have, silicone. Should I worry? Should I have them removed?

No and No. Here’s why:

Over 1,000 incidents of implant rupture have been reported among the 30,000 women throughout Europe, as well as approximately 40,000 more women in the UK, whose breast implants were manufactured by the French company, Poly Implant Prothèse. In addition to implant rupture, they experienced severe inflammation and pain. The French government recommends that patients have their (now-banned) silicone breast implants removed. This recommendation only applies to implants from this particular manufacturer.

However, women who had a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery in Albany by plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group have nothing to worry about. Your implants were not manufactured by the French. We only use implants that are FDA approved, which are made by an American company. Our plan is to enjoy French wine and French fries, but not French implants.

To your health & beauty,

The Surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group, Albany, NY

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