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Hair Loss and Treatment

It’s a hairy situation – or rather, lack there of. According to the American Society ofBefore & After: Hair Loss Treatment
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 50% of American men by age 50 are affected by hair loss. A substantial number of women face this issue too. Although many cases are based on heredity or occur as a natural part of aging, there are a number of other causes that can impact your likelihood of hair loss such as changes in hormones, nutritional habits, illness and medication.

Managing Hair Loss Early

As a general rule of thumb, the earlier the hair loss begins, the more severe it will become, so we recommend you manage your hair loss sooner rather than later. Hair loss can have a significant psychological impact on a person’s daily life – possibly lowering self-esteem or affecting the way you dress. If not hereditary, managing stress levels can be a proactive way of preventing hair loss as well as eating healthy foods. But if already affected, The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, NY offers a permanent solution.

Hair Loss Solutions

Follicular unit hair transplanting, a long lasting and completely natural-looking solution, recreates the natural hairline that frames your face, uses local anesthesia, and is performed in the privacy of our offices. Variables such as hair color, texture and hair growth on other areas of the head affect the procedure so it’s best to schedule a consultation with a surgeon to discuss details of the procedure.

“Hair loss is a problem that many of us face but aren’t very comfortable discussing,” said Dr. Hargrave, an Albany plastic surgeon. “To generate the most natural results, we take into consideration each patient’s hair type and precisely place each follicle in an effort to create the most natural regrowth possible. It’s a delicate technique but can make an overwhelming difference in some people’s lives.”

Our board-certified surgeons have been successfully performing hair loss procedures for more than thirty years at our Albany, NY office. Would you like to find out more about our hair loss solutions? Request a free consultation with one of the surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group or call (518) 438-0505.

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