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Hair Restoration Treatment in Albany

Hair Restoration Patient 

John Travolta & Bruce WillisAlthough John Travolta and Bruce Willis are “hot without hair”, hair loss isn’t on the agenda for most men and women. Studies show that by the age of 35, about 40% of men have some hair loss, and by the age of 60, 80% of American women have noticeable hair loss. What can you do if you suffer from hair loss?

Both men and women come to The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, NY for a hair restoration treatment called FUT, which stands for follicular unit transfer.

FUT extracts the hair in small groups of 1-4 hairs, called follicular units. Our surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany prefer the FUT method to the older hair restoration method, which left the patient with a “pluggy” unnatural look that told everyone that hair restoration had been performed. With FUT, the results look natural. Nobody will know you had hair restoration with the FUT method.

Hair restoration in Albany at The Plastic Surgery Group is performed right in the office under local anesthesia. Our patients simply relax with a magazine or watch TV during their procedure.

How is Hair Restoration Performed?
Under local anesthesia, a small piece of donor tissue, about 3” x 1”, is removed from the scalp. Under a microscope, the strip is cut into thousands of tiny pieces with 1- 6 hairs in each. Paying close attention to the angle of hair growth, each follicle is carefully placed to result in the most natural appearance possible.

Is Hair Restoration Painful?
There is some discomfort while the local anesthetic is injected, but once the anesthesia takes effect, there’s no pain or discomfort. Some patients have discomfort in the donor area after the local anesthetic wears off, but this is easily treated with Tylenol or other over-the-counter pain relievers. Some patients experience acne or dry skin in the donor or recipient sites but this is minor and not long-lasting.

Is Hair Restoration Right for You?
The best way to know if the FUE method of hair restoration is your best option is to visit with us at The Plastic Surgery Group. A free consultation will give you all the answers you seek, including approximate length of treatment time, costs, available financing, and potential results. Call us today at 518-438-0505 to schedule your hair restoration consultation!

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