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How Much Does CoolSculpting® Cost?

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Publishing note: We originally published this post on June 5, 2015, and updated it with the latest information available on May 9, 2016. 

Back in 2012, we proudly introduced CoolSculpting® as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction at our Albany practice. In the years since then, the buzz over this treatment has only increased. Most recently, CoolSculpting saw an 18.7 percent increase in popularity from 2014 to 2015, as reported by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

With all that attention comes plenty of questions, from “Does it really work?” to “Should I get liposuction or CoolSculpting?” Probably the most common question, though, has got to be, “How much does it cost?”

According to the ASAPS, Americans opting for CoolSculpting treatment in 2015 spent about $1,444 on average.

Here at the Plastic Surgery Group, the cost for CoolSculpting is $750 per area with discounts available when multiple areas are treated. We also frequently offer CoolSculpting packages to lessen the cost. Keep in mind, your final cost will depend on how many cycles are necessary to help you reach your goal.

Aside from discounts, there are also CoolSculpting savings that may not be so obvious to you. To name a few:

  • Because there’s no surgery, there’s no recovery time, and that means you don’t need to take valuable time off work.
  • Also, if you are like many people who spend extra money on undergarments and accessories to expertly hide lumps and bumps, you will be able to shed these extra layers.
  • Finally, think of CoolSculpting as an investment. You are investing in your self-esteem and ability to look and feel your best. This kind of payback is intangible and hard to measure, but for many, it’s more than worth it.

You should also remember that cost isn’t a top priority when it comes to your body and your health. Be wary of offers that sound too good to be true. And always seek a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure you are in the best hands.

Would you like to schedule a CoolSculpting consultation? Feel free to contact my office online.

14 Responses to How Much Does CoolSculpting® Cost?

  1. Heather Naslund says:

    Hi! I was wondering if I made a free consultation for CoolSculpting and decided to do it could I have it all done in the same day.

  2. Anna says:

    Do you have any payment options or do you offer any payment plans?
    Is the consultation for cool sculpting free?

    Thank you

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Anna,
      Thanks for reaching out! CoolSculpting consults are free and we work with Care Credit for financing. You’ll have to go to to apply. We accept 6 months no interest or the 24,36, 48 and 60-month options with interest.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi there!
    Over time I had gained about 15lbs. I was wondering if you target one section of the body if you lose incheses in other place as well? I’m afraid that my breasts might lose shape. Thank you!

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Samantha,

      CoolSculpting is a targeted fat reduction treatment, meaning the reduction will only occur in the specific area of treatment.

      Thanks for a great question!

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Deanna,

      Thank you for the great questions! Generally, CoolSculpting can treat both the belly and the love handles, although every individual is different and we would be able to determine candidacy during a consultation. We offer complimentary CoolSculpting consultations, so if you’re interested in scheduling one, give us a call at (518) 438-0505 and we can set something up!

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Lori,

      CoolSculpting can work well on inner thighs and underarms! We have applicators to treat both of those areas and have seen success with other patients (but keep in mind every patient is different). We’d be happy to set up a complimentary consultation for you to go over the options. Give us a call at (518) 438-0505 and we will get started.

      -The Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group

  4. Thomas willette says:

    I’ve been a patient of PSG. Is there the possibility of a reduced cost for my Cool Sculpting procedures? I am scheduled for a procedure at 3pm on Wed. March at 3:00 pm.

    • The Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Thomas,

      We do offer discounts on CoolSculpting packages and we offer complimentary CoolSculpting consultations. If you’re interested in scheduling one or talking about the options, give us a call at (518) 438-0505 and we can set something up!

      Thank you,
      The Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group

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