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How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going?


by Susan Gannon

Working in the self-enhancement field, we hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions. Many of our patients in Albany open up to their plastic surgeons about their goals, but they don’t always expect the kind of response we give them. Our advice doesn’t just cover the treatment options we offer; rather, we are here to guide our patients through the broader lifestyle factors they’ll need to consider if they want to improve their bodies and their confidence.

For example, if a patient has resolved to slim down, we can offer input on many aspects of that process. First, we may talk about diet and exercise plans. As licensed physicians, we can offer effective tips on healthy eating and how much exercise each patient needs to lose weight. We can also recommend area nutrition specialists, dieticians, and workout facilities.

Of course, we can also provide information on the procedures we offer that might fit in with a comprehensive weight-loss plan. We provide numerous body surgeries, including procedures for after weight loss, and we can help you decide which options suit your needs. People who lose a significant amount of weight are sometimes disappointed when they find they have extra skin left behind. Knowing that there are surgical solutions at the end of the weight loss road can make the journey a little easier.

Lastly, we offer a measure of emotional support. As cosmetic physicians, we have a lot of experience with patients who are trying to overcome insecurities, and we understand the value of help. All of our surgeons are certified by The America Board of Plastic Surgery, and we commit to helping patients find their confidence. If you made the challenging vow to better yourself, we would love to cheer you on.

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