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Introducing enlighten™ Laser Tattoo Removal

The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany offers the very best in laser tattoo removal with enlighten by Cutera.

Got an old boyfriend’s name on your shoulder, or a slogan that no longer has much meaning to you, or maybe a design that has lost its color?

It used to be that tattoo removal was a difficult chore at best. Surgery was sometimes needed, leaving long, undesirable scars. A laser could be used, but this required frequent treatments that were often painful and left results that weren’t ideal.

This is why we are so excited to announce that a newer laser has been developed for tattoo removal, and it is now available in our office. The enlighten laser tattoo removal system by Cutera® is an exciting new technology that removes tattoos in as few as 2 treatments, and it is now available to our Albany patients seeking to undo their ink from their younger years.

The Cutera corporation, with a long history of laser development, has changed the game with the new enlighten technology. We now have an effective nonsurgical approach to treat 2 problems that haunt a significant portion of the population: tattoos and also brown spots on the face and hands. These age spots can be as big a problem as an unwanted tattoo and often suggest an older age than what we feel or would like to admit.

We are proud to offer this new treatment to our patients. We continue to seek out ways to help patients overcome problems, cosmetic or otherwise. That we have an approach that is nonsurgical is an added bonus.

If you would like to learn more about getting enlighten laser tattoo removal, we invite you to visit us in Albany at Spa One at The Plastic Surgery Group. Contact us to request a consultation.

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