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Making Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution

Every year on January 1, millions of people make resolutions related to healthier living. Some want to quit smoking while others want to lose weight. Some people choose to exercise while others plan to eat better. Others’ resolutions include quitting simple bad habits such as nail-biting or poor sleep patterns.

Of course, we know that New Year’s resolutions aren’t always successful, as hopeful holiday attitudes often change as we return to our post-holiday schedules and routines. In addition, resolution-seeking people may choose to make changes during the earliest part of the year that are often more daring than they would usually choose to do out of the holiday, resolution-filled season.

According to Dr. Lynch of The Plastic Surgery Group, “We see a number of people every year seeking changes to their features. In our initial consultations and ongoing conversations, we always make sure these New Year’s wishes are something that will improve their quality of life and make them happy not only today, but throughout this year and the years to come.”

The staff at The Plastic Surgery Group wants to offer these tips to help you achieve success when working to keep your resolutions for a healthier lifestyle.

Make your resolution something reasonable to achieve on a daily or weekly basis.

Rather than make the statement “I am going to lose weight,” resolve to change a habit that will ultimately help you lose weight, such as “I am going to exercise three times per week” or “I am going to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day.” These resolutions are easier to keep track of, accomplish and notice results from, which will heighten the chances you will be able to continue them beyond the first few weeks of the year.

Avoid choosing a resolution you have previously failed to stick to.

Though you may still wish to make those changes in your lifestyle, the knowledge that you have already faced periods in which you were unable to succeed with resolution is likely to weigh heavily on your mind as you begin this new year. Choose a fresh resolution with which you have no previous history.

Do your research prior to making any resolution.

It may be satisfying to make a statement on January 1 that you want to stick with, but give it thought before declaring a poorly thought-out resolution that is unlikely to be successful. Whether it is starting a new skincare routine, a different workout or an altered eating style, don’t let the pressure of declaring a resolution lead you to make hasty decisions that don’t provide positive benefits in the long-run.

Have fun!

New Year’s is a time for fresh starts, but also reflection for all the good health choices you are currently making. Make a list of things you already do to boost your health, happiness and confidence, and let the beginning of 2013 be a period of figuring out how to make an even healthy, happier you.

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