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Marilyn Monroe’s Plastic Surgery: Why She Kept It Secret

New evidence has recently come to light that shows one of Hollywood’s most famous beauties — Marilyn Monroe — had a chin implant and possibly rhinoplasty. There have been rumors for decades that the icon and sex symbol had plastic surgery, but there was little evidence until now. X-rays and doctor’s notes from a plastic surgeon indicating she had cosmetic procedures will be auctioned off in November, and are expected to fetch $15,000 to $30,000.

Monroe was usually candid about her beauty and success, once quipping, “When my looks start to go, so will most of my fans.” Still, she kept her surgery a secret, and so did the medical professionals who knew about it and told no one for many years. It’s hard to believe that such a high-profile celebrity was able to keep her plastic surgery a secret, but it’s understandable that she’d want to.

In the 1950s and early ’60s, cosmetic surgery was not common, and those who did undergo procedures rarely divulged it. Attitudes have changed dramatically in the 50 years since, and the subject of cosmetic enhancement is no longer taboo.

Not only are some celebrities open about their plastic surgeries, non-famous people are generally more open about it as well. Still, we see many women and men from Albany, Syracuse, and Saratoga Springs who choose to keep their plastic surgery private. Whether or not to discuss one’s cosmetic procedures is a very personal decision. The good news for everyone is, an excellent surgeon can create results so subtle and natural looking, no one has to know.

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