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Yes, Men Get Tummy Tucks, Too

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If you’re a guy who has lost a good deal of weight, only to be disappointed by the excess stomach skin that remains, tummy tuck surgery might make sense for you. Even though many people tend to think of abdominoplasty as a procedure for women after they’ve had children, men can benefit from the same procedure. In fact, men who want a tummy tuck travel from Syracuse and beyond to our practice to have one of our board-certified plastic surgeons perform their operations.

And they’re not alone. The number of men getting tummy tuck surgery in the United States increased 8% in 2015 compared to the previous year, according to statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The overall number of tummy tucks performed in 2015 also increased by just under 10%, according to the ASPS, but the vast majority were for women.

Still, as men become more accustomed to seeking out nonsurgical aesthetic procedures such as CoolSculpting®, which can reduce abdominal fat, the natural next step is to get plastic surgery. One of the primary advantages of a tummy tuck is that the procedure is very effective at achieving the desired outcome, without being noticeable at work or with friends.

Some men who are concerned about the excess skin that can hang over their waist may not even be familiar with the tummy tuck technique. Here are some essential points to consider:

  • The procedure is essentially identical for men and women. The primary difference is that most men won’t need to have the abdominal wall tightened, which is common for women after pregnancy. But men and women alike will have loose skin removed to remove unwanted bulges.
  • The aesthetic goal is essentially the same, too. In other words, flatter is flatter, whether we’re tucking a male or female tummy.

The recovery process and timeline is also very similar, with patients needing to plan on taking a couple of weeks off from work and can gradually resume their exercise routines. Beyond that, the Tummy Tuck Tidbits we wrote about in an earlier blog post are helpful for men and women alike.

Tummy tuck surgery is not as common among men as other procedures, such as eyelid surgery and liposuction, but for many men, it can be quite transformative.

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