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Plastic Surgery: The Importance of Continued Medical Education for our Albany-Based Doctors

As you can imagine, medical procedures and recommendations change constantly. Procedures and products that offer better results or benefits such as less recovery time, effects and cost are discovered every year. As people are constantly working to develop new products and better methods, the medical field of plastic surgery continuously evolves.


Ultherapy® (above) and CoolSculpting® (below), are just a few examples of technologically-advanced procedures that arrived at The Plastic Surgery Group in 2012

For our board-certified plastic surgeons, a commitment to continuing our education is critical for the safety, comfort and experience our patients deserve. Our surgeons and nursing staff are consistently reading and discussing new studies, treatments or procedures, results and potential complications with fellow colleagues and other experts. This conversation and collaboration helps each member of our staff to better understand what the best options are for the individuals coming through our doors every day seeking surgical and nonsurgical solutions.


One of the great ways our doctors stay at the top of their craft and continue to enhance their techniques and know-how is by attending The Aesthetic Meeting, an annual event hosted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation. Taking place April 11 through April 16 this year, our doctors will earn their required Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits in a number of sessions focused on topics such as patient safety, injectables, surgical procedures and scientific breakthroughs.

The week provides a great opportunity for our medical professionals to learn from the experience of doctors located nationwide, share their own expertise and experience, and bring back new ideas to our Capital Region plastic surgery practice. In addition, the benefits of having a group at our albany plastic surgery practice rather than a single doctor are experienced again, as each of our doctors can go to different informational sessions and participate in various conversations that allow our team to return and share their gained knowledge with each other and our patients. We look forward to participating in conversations next week with our colleagues from throughout the country!

While our doctors are at The Aesthetic Meeting next week, we want to remind you one last time about our spring contest. Have you shared your spring before & after photos? Don’t forget – let us know what changes you made to start off this season!

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