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Plastic Surgery Procedures and Trends for Men

When you think of plastic surgery, you often imagine procedures extremely popular among women, such as breast augmentations. The truth is, plastic surgery procedures are in high demand by men, as well!

“We see plenty of male patients come through our doors,” according to The Plastic Surgery Group’s Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore. “The biggest difference between men and women is that, while women may require multiple consultations and extended time to make a decision, men tend to want to move forward with their procedure quickly.”

The plastic surgery options for men are plentiful, with almost as many procedures available for men as for women. Here is just a sample of procedures sought by males at The Plastic Surgery Group:

Liposuction – Men, as well as women, want to eliminate fatty deposits throughout their bodies.

Eyelid Surgery – As everyone’s eyes age, bags may form under them, eyebrows may droop and lids may have new creases.

Facelift – Men seek facelifts to help them look refreshed and with less creases, sagging and wrinkles.

Male Breast Reduction – Corrective surgery can be made to reduce the fat or tissue that causes many men to have enlarged breasts.

Rhinoplasty – Whether you are male or female, the appearance of your nose may concern you. Rhinoplasty can help you feel more confident.

Facial Implants – Many men seek stronger jaw lines, cheek implants or more pronounced chins to have a more powerful, youthful appearance.

Tummy Tuck – Men who have lost a lot of weight or have excess fat or sagging skin due to aging can seek tummy tucks for a better shape that makes them appear more toned and fit.

Injectable Treatments – Severe lines in your face you wish could be removed? It doesn’t matter if your male or female. There are many injectable treatments for your smile, eyes and face.

The stigma that plastic surgery is only for women is one that is quickly fading away. Cosmetic procedures for men are on the rise, with many patients seeking more than one procedure. Whether you are male or female, our goal is to make sure you are confident in your body, and our plastic surgeons will work with you to achieve the solutions that inspire that confidence in you.

Are you a male interested in one or more plastic surgery procedures? Explore our before and after photos and arrange a consultation with one of our doctors today. We’d be happy to help you explore your options.

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