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Procedure Spotlight: Mommy Makeovers

Bringing a baby home is a tremendous joy for many families every day, and it’s life changing! With a baby comes many new responsibilities, different sleeping patterns, changing work schedules, new foods and diapers to add to the grocery lists, and lots of fun for friends and family.

But after childbirth, many new mothers struggle with the changes their body underwent during pregnancy. Even with proper nutrition and workout routines, there is often a struggle for new mothers to get their stomachs, breast, thighs and other areas back to their pre-pregancy shape. This dissatisfaction with their bodies can cause mothers to lose self-esteem, withdraw from social activities and become depressed.

Maybe the mother’s breasts have changed, now sagging or smaller. Or maybe her stomach isn’t as flat as it used to be, and no exercise routine seems to be helping. Maybe losing excess skin isn’t proving to be as easy as losing the extra weight was.

Is plastic surgery an option? And if so, what procedure can be performed, when no one procedure will help the mother feel comfortable about all the problematic areas she’s dealing with post-pregnancy?

Plastic surgeons in Albany and nationwide are helping mothers with this struggle by performing what are commonly becoming known as “Mommy Makeovers.” Mothers are now taking the opportunity to get a variety of procedures done at the same time to help restore their shape and feeling of confidence.

These procedure combinations can vary, and often include surgeries such as breast augmentationsbreast liftsliposuction and tummy tucks. With these combinations, lost breast mass or shape can be restored, stomachs can be flattened, stubborn fat can be removed and excess and stretched skin can be eliminated. Each Mommy Makeover is customized for the individual patient, as pregnancy can affect the bodies of all women differently.




Our very own Dr. Steven Lynch recently spoke to YNN’s Marcie Fraser about Mommy Makeovers, and said that these moms, who have spent so much time on their families and children, choose to do these combinations of surgical procedures for themselves.

“Mommy Makeovers are a tremendous opportunity for women to fix multiple areas they are not comfortable with at the same time,” according to Dr. Lynch. “Planned and done safely, women can be in surgery for five or six hours and have all their procedures done at once, lessening the amount of recovery time that would be necessary for individual appointments.”

Dr. Lynch also noted that a patient’s brain recognizes only the most serious pain currently in the body, meaning that when an individual’s body is recovering from multiple procedures, only the most uncomfortable pain point will be felt during the healing process. Thus, you will not feel the temporary pain possible during the recovery of a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift all at the same time.

If you missed the YNN segment, you can read part one about why mothers choose to have them, and then part two, the case of one mother and her experience. If you have a Time Warner Cable account, log into it and watch the television segments!




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