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Breast Reconstruction Options for Breast Cancer Survivors in Albany

This October, we reflect on the lives of the 40,000 women that die each year from breast cancer. Fortunately, around 200,000 of those diagnosed, successfully rid the disease – but not without lasting effects. Did you know that 7 out of 10 diagnosed women are never even told about breast reconstruction options available to them after they have survived the battle?

Results of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer often forces a woman to have a mastectomy, or have one or both of her breasts removed. Breast reconstruction surgery can help a woman regain her original shape and make her chest look naturally balanced again. More importantly, the procedure helps to restore confidence in her health and appearance. The surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group understand the difficult time that a cancer survivor faces and discusses surgical options in a positive, compassionate and straightforward manner.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reconstructive surgery can either be performed immediately following the mastectomy or at a later date. There have been many new advancements and techniques developed in recent years, which can be discussed on an individual level, depending on needs or desired results. Most women need around six weeks to feel back to normal following breast reconstruction surgery but recovery time should always be discussed with your surgeon.

“It’s amazing, even disheartening in a sense, to think that most breast cancer survivors do not understand the reconstructive options available to them,” said Dr. Lynch. “Plastic surgery is not always cosmetic. It is often a very real and respected option for survivors to help restore confidence and transform their bodies to the way it was before the illness. With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month upon us, the surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group want to help as many individuals as possible understand this information.”

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