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For Refreshed Eyes, Is Plastic Surgery Necessary?

For Refreshed Eyes, Is Plastic Surgery Necessary?

A lot of our patients from the Albany and Saratoga Springs areas want to know whether plastic surgery is really necessary to correct their cosmetic concerns. In this day and age, with the frequent development of new, minimally invasive treatments, it’s true that many patients can find satisfying results without surgery. This is especially true around the eye area, a common site for early signs of aging. Here are some of the options for treating the eye area and what makes someone a good candidate for each:

  • Laser and energy treatments: Superficial skin concerns such as fine lines, dark circles under the eyes, and mild drooping of the brow can often be corrected with treatments such as laser resurfacing or Ultherapy® skin tightening. Younger patients or those who show the beginning signs of aging around the eyes and brow tend to be the best candidates for these treatments.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers: Injectables are another good option for those with minor signs of aging. BOTOX  reduces crow’s feet and creases between the brows and can provide a subtle lift to the brows. Dermal fillers can create a smoother under-eye area and diminish puffiness and shadows by filling in under-eye hollows. Fillers are an excellent option for treating dark circles under the eyes, a concern common among many patients.
  • Brow lift and eyelid surgery: For some patients, particularly those who have more advanced signs of aging, surgery will deliver the most extensive correction. A brow lift can correct forehead wrinkles and sagging, and eyelid surgery can address concerns including crow’s feet and other wrinkles, drooping eyelid skin that impairs vision, or puffy under-eye bags.

Which procedure is right for you really depends on your condition and your preferences. You can learn more about all these procedures on our website, but the best way to get advice tailored to your goals is to meet with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons for a consultation.

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