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Shapewear or Surgery? When to Choose Liposuction over Spanx®

Shapewear or Surgery: When to Choose Liposuction Over Spanx®

Getting a slim, firm body isn’t easy. Even those who work really hard at it still turn to undergarments like Spanx. These body-shaper products often include bras, panties, bodysuits, tights, leggings, and other items to help minimize or enhance specific areas of the body.

While shapewear can be helpful when you want a quick fix—such as for a big event or special occasion—if you want to see real changes in your body, we recommend liposuction for our Syracuse, Albany, and Saratoga Springs-area patients. Here’s why:

Shapewear is temporary. Liposuction is permanent.

The body-shaping benefits of Spanx and other types of shapewear only last as long as you’re wearing them. Once the undergarments come off, your body is back to normal—whether you like it or not. Liposuction, on the other hand, offers permanent results. Because fat is physically removed during liposuction, the results should last indefinitely. Fat can be removed from the stomach, legs, buttocks, arms, face, and other parts of the body. As long as you work out, eat right, and keep up a  healthy lifestyle, your new figure should stick around for several years.

Shapewear is uncomfortable long term. Discomfort from lipo is short-lived.

One of the biggest problems with shapewear is that you have to wear it every day to look your best day in and day out. And anyone who has worn Spanx all day can tell you it’s not the most comfortable option. Your body is squeezed and smashed into a tight, restrictive garment. So while you make look more slender, underneath you’re likely sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable.

At our practice in Albany, liposuction offers lasting results after just 1 treatment. While there are costs and a recovery period involved, these are 1-time inconveniences as compared to a lifetime of daily discomfort with shapewear.

Shapewear can only push fat around. Liposuction removes it. 

Spanx only flattens your bumps and rolls to give you the illusion of smoother body contours. However, wherever the shaping garment ends, the fat bulges out. It does not actually help you achieve a slimmer, sleeker body like liposuction does.

With liposuction, you look slimmer because you are slimmer. Liposuction removes unwanted fat so that your body shape is physically changed. Your body will look sleeker and more sculpted than before because it actually is.

Shapewear gives you fleeting confidence. Liposuction offers lasting self-esteem.

There’s no question that putting on a pair of Spanx can help you feel better and more confident. However, this confidence is short-lived and superficial because it depends on you wearing the garment every time you want to look slimmer.

Liposuction and other body contouring procedures have actually been shown to improve both self- esteem and quality of life. In fact, I’ve seen patients adopt healthier lifestyles after having plastic surgery simply because they feel better—especially in gym clothes—and are more motivated to start taking better care of themselves. The long-lasting, positive changes that occur because of procedures like liposuction are much more meaningful than the temporary confidence shapewear provides.

To find out more about your potential with liposuction, request your free consultation online or call our office at (518) 438-0505.

2 Responses to Shapewear or Surgery? When to Choose Liposuction over Spanx®

  1. Sharon King says:

    I would actually like more information about skin removal after gastric bypass. My bypass was Jan 2012 was 340 at my highest am now running between 135 and 140. Into sizes 4 to 10 depending on the cut. I KNOW its skin but to me it’s still fat. Please contact me to make an appointment for this consult.

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Sharon,

      We would be happy to provide you with more information. Please call our office at (518) 438-0505 and we can discuss the options. Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goals!

      -The Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group

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