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Should You Keep Your Breast Augmentation a Secret?

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The decision to have breast augmentation surgery is a private one, and for that reason it is often highly guarded by many women. Even celebrities, who make a living in the public eye, often choose to keep their procedures quiet.

But not always. Recently, Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea revealed to an admittedly surprised Vogue magazine writer that Azalea underwent breast augmentation surgery, saying “I’d thought about it my entire life.” Azalea says she initially decided to not talk about her breast augmentation in public because she didn’t want her young fans to feel badly about their own shapes. But, as Azalea told the magazine, she decided she “wasn’t into secret-keeping.”

Plenty of my breast augmentation patients are planning to keep their surgery hush-hush, although most share the news with their significant others and close family and friends. The truth is, you don’t have to make it known right away if you don’t want to. But there are a few benefits to sharing your journey, including:

  • Valuable advice: Chances are, someone you know has been in your shoes or knows someone who has. Friends are great for recommending plastic surgery practices and for sharing advice from pre- to post-surgery.
  • Get help: Supportive family and friends also play an important role for many plastic surgery patients because they’re there to offer a helping hand. Trust me, you will appreciate this after your surgery, whether they’re assisting with a ride home, making a trip to the grocery store, or volunteering as a Netflix buddy!
  • Avoid awkward moments later on: While we always strive for natural-looking results,anyone close to you is bound notice something is different! By opening up about your surgery beforehand, as Azalea did, you’ll save yourself from any potentially awkward questions later!

Even if you don’t want to tell anyone about your surgery except perhaps your closest loved ones, there are still outlets for you to gab and get great advice. Many of my breast augmentation patients are active on, a forum for plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement that allows its users to remain anonymous. Be sure to check out my RealSelf profile while you’re there.

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