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Enter The Plastic Surgery Group’s Spring Contest!

This spring, the staff at The Plastic Surgery Group have two big questions for you – and if you answer yes to both, we have one great idea:

Question one: Are you making any big changes this spring?

We want to know about these changes. Are you remodeling your kitchen? Maybe you are cleaning out your messy car or getting a brand new hair cut. The warmer weather of spring provides great inspiration, motivation and opportunities to make changes that you’ve been putting off all winter. Whether you are starting a new fitness routine or replanting your garden, these changes can bring happiness to your day, put you in a better mood and raise your self-esteem.

Question two: Do you have a pesky area of unwanted hair you’d like removed before summer’s arrival?

We understand if you’re sick of plucking, shaving, waxing or using products to remove hair. It’s painful, frustrating and it always grows back.

You’ve probably heard about laser hair removal, and here at The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, we use the LightSheer® DUET™ laser to remove unwanted hair quickly, comfortably and permanently, with treatment times up to 75% faster than traditional lasers.

Did you answer yes to both questions?

Participate in our spring contest! Submit before and after photos of your spring season change, and you’ll be entered to win a package of three free laser hair removal treatments.

Click over to our contest page to learn more, and enter today! Check out some examples below!

Maybe it's time for a new hair do!

Maybe it’s time for a new hair do!

Maybe you want to reorganize your workspace!

Is it time to reorganize your workspace?


A new hair treatment can clean up your look nicely!

4 Responses to Enter The Plastic Surgery Group’s Spring Contest!

    • The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Sounds great Pam! Putting in a new bathroom is a lot of work. We’d love to see the results if you’re interested in sharing images of the before and after to our contest page.

  1. monaisha leigh says:

    I would love to have something change on me for the better this would be my first time for plastic surgery

  2. Stephanie says:

    I would love to have completevconfidence in myself. I would livecto stop feeling so depressed cause I can buy an wear certin clithes due to me having twokids an the aging process an alway have been small breasted. I want to et rid of the varicous an spider veins that I hve developed over the years. Iwant tofill out any type of clothing. I want to be confident an have agood self esteem aboutmyself an shop freely with no worrys as to if I would look ok wearing certain dresses orskirts or shorts an tops due to small almost nothing of brest an now my egs due to veins an stuff. Thanks an sorry to keep going on an on.

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