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Summer Beauty: Breasts

Breast Enhancement

Summer is finally here and, like many others in the Albany, Troy, and Schenectady area, you may be concerned about your appearance in swimsuits, shorts and other skimpy summer outfits that expose so much of your body! Our Summer Beauty Series will show you how to enhance, repair, and maintain your breasts, face and body! The estheticians, nurses and plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group can help you look your very best, safely and affordably, throughout the summer and the rest of the year. Be sure to tune in again for July’s Summer Beauty: Body and August’s Summer Beauty: Face to learn even more!

Summer Breast Beauty

Did you know that the area just above your breasts, the décolleté, is especially vulnerable to sun damage and, with summer’s low-cut tops and swimwear, is exposed to the sun on a daily basis? Plus, as you age, your décolleté reveals signs of previous sun damage with wrinkling, tough, thicker skin, and even age spots. To revive your décolleté, set an appointment with Ruth for a special décolleté treatment consisting of a microdermabrasion and light chemical peel. Albany women love this combo treatment to reveal their fresh, younger skin beneath!

If you have deeper wrinkles and tough skin texture on your décolleté, Albany area women find that a laser skin treatment is an excellent option! Laser skin rejuvenation will minimize or even eliminate many of the signs of sun damage on your delicate décolleté area. Recovery is rapid and your treatment can be performed over your lunch hour.

Be sure to ask Ruth to recommend one of our broad-spectrum sunscreens after your treatment to prevent further photo aging and to decrease your risk of skin cancer in this tender, exposed area of your body.

Thinking about Breast Enhancement this Summer?
Breast enhancements, such as a breast liftbreast reduction, and breast augmentation keep our Albany plastic surgeons very busy. Some women naturally have breasts that are smaller than they wish they were, or sag more than they wish they did. Other women find that, with age and/or pregnancy and breastfeeding, their breasts have lost volume and “perkiness.” Here at The Plastic Surgery Group, our plastic surgeons use the latest technologies in breast implants and fat transfer to create a beautiful bustline for our Albany, Troy, and Schenectady plastic surgery patients. It’s not too late to schedule your breast enhancement procedure to benefit from your available vacation time to recover.

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