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Get Your Skin Summer-Ready

Are you dreaming of summer? Our skin has it rough during winter, and the harsh effects of the colder months can be difficult to undo. It’s not too early to start preparing for summer, and Spa One can help! Here are a few of our favorite options to get you ready for your swimsuit:

Vein Therapy: Find freedom from long pants and sleeves this summer with our effective options for treating unsightly spider and varicose veins. Our Vbeam® laser and sclerotherapy services erase the appearance of veins with minimal downtime.

CoolSculpting®: Say goodbye to those stubborn pockets of fat once and for all with CoolSculpting. This exciting liposuction alternative actually freezes unwanted fat cells, causing them to be naturally expelled by the body. A comfortable procedure that doesn’t require an incision, CoolSculpting is the next generation of body contouring.

Laser Skin Peel: This peel is a great option for the winter because you’ll need to avoid the sun during the recuperation period. By removing the thin, outermost layer of skin, the Laser Skin Peel encourages the growth of smoother, tighter skin without sun spots or birthmarks. It works for the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Our practice also has a wide variety of laser options to choose from to customize your laser treatment to meet your skins unique needs. To discuss your skincare options with one of our aesthetic professionals, contact us using our online form, or call our office at (518) 438-0505.

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