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Spider Vein Treatment in Albany

The last thing you want to see on your calf or behind your knee as you’re squeezing into a sexy little dress or a cute pair of shorts is a cluster of spider veins. It’s reassuring to know that, although these visible veins are unsightly, they aren’t dangerous. We have two treatments that can give you beautiful legs without visible veins!

Vbeam® Laser Treatment

Our Albany plastic surgeons use the Vbeam® laser to deliver short, gentle bursts of light to destroy the blood vessels in the treated area while leaving the surrounding skin alone. For added comfort, the laser’s Dynamic Cooling Device™ applies a cooling spray to the targeted skin just before each pulse.

Most spider veins can be removed in one or two short sessions, which are generally comfortable and result in little to no bruising afterwards. It’s a perfect lunch-time treatment, as you’ll be able to resume your day immediately afterwards.

The Vbeam® Laser is also used to treat facial veins, rosacea, brown and red spots, angiomas, scars and birthmarks such as port wine stains.


Sclerotherapy is the injection of a medicated solution into larger spider veins with a very thin needle. The medication causes the veins to shrink, after which the veins will dissolve and disappear. In our Albany medical spa, treatment takes only 15-20 minutes. Although it is slightly uncomfortable, the discomfort fades rapidly. Considered the “gold standard” for large spider veins and smaller varicose leg veins, the sclerosing solution closes the veins under the skin that “feed” the spider veins so that recurrence is limited. Most patients require at least two treatments over the course of a few weeks to obtain the best results.

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