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Is Traveling for Plastic Surgery Worth the Trouble?


From Buffalo to Saratoga Springs, we serve plastic surgery patients from all over New York state and New England. Sometimes our patients come from even farther to take advantage of our wide range of services and large team of highly experienced surgeons. We take a number of steps to make the traveling process smooth for our out-of-town patients and with a location convenient to Albany Airport and several major thoroughfares, traveling to our facility is easy.

There are three major benefits to traveling for plastic surgery:

  1. Optimize Your Time: For our out-of-town patients, we offer successively scheduled appointments and procedures. This shortens the waiting time between procedures and follow-up services and allows you to return to your everyday commitments sooner.
  2. A Restful Recuperation: Our practice is located minutes away from several hotels where you can rest and recuperate without the distractions of home. Plastic surgery is a rewarding experience that will change your appearance; make the most of it by returning home looking wonderful and well-rested.
  3. Everyone Deserves Privacy: There’s no reason to keep wanting to look your best a secret, but it’s nice to be able to enjoy your privacy while you’re recovering. Staying at a nearby hotel will give you the option of enjoying your own company, or venturing out unnoticed.

Additionally, many of our patients who travel to us for plastic surgery simply don’t have a good selection of experienced, reputable plastic surgeons in their own communities.

Traveling for plastic surgery is another way for you to invest in yourself. We make the process easier by optimizing your time and helping you coordinate your stay.

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