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Why Are Women ‘Shaving’ Their Faces?

Try dermaplaning in Albany for a special price

This month, we added an exciting treatment to our menu of facial therapies at Spa One at The Plastic Surgery Group. It’s called dermaplaning, or facial shaving, and the concept is not as taboo — or as new — as you might think. In fact, beauty enthusiasts swear that famous beauties Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Cleopatra all used a razor on their faces in the name of beauty.

The dermaplaning technique we offer at Spa One is far from the image you might have in your head of a Bic razor and can of Barbasol. No, dermaplaning is a process in which a trained esthetician uses a very special surgical blade to gently remove only the top layer of dead skin cells. Our plastic surgeons in Albany tout the effectiveness and safety of this simple procedure and are proud to now offer it to our deserving patients.

Here are a few benefits of dermaplaning:

  • Brighter complexion: The key benefit of dermaplaning is thorough exfoliation. The removal of dead cells reveals fresh, smooth skin that has a natural glow. There’s no downtime, and our estheticians typically just recommend using a good moisturizer for your aftercare.
  • Better bang for your beauty buck: Any exfoliation will always allow your beauty products — such as moisturizers, serums, and retinol creams — to work much better. After the unwanted dead skin is gone, these products can more deeply penetrate the surface to protect your skin and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Removal of peach fuzz: Dermaplaning removes this unwanted vellus hair during the exfoliation process. For a lot of women, an old wives’ tale comes to mind. You know, the one where your grandmother told you that once you shave your legs, the hairs will come back thicker and darker. That’s actually a myth. The hair will keep the same color and thickness as before. Our clients say the result is better makeup application and a more polished overall look.

The most important rule of thumb when trying dermaplaning? Seek out a trained esthetician for your treatment. He or she will have the proper surgical blade and will know how to use it just right to keep dermaplaning effective and safe. There are a number of YouTube videos promoting at-home facial shaving. Unless you’re a trained skin care expert yourself, I don’t recommend it.

We hope you’re as excited to try dermaplaning as our staff of highly trained estheticians were. You can see behind-the-scenes photos from their dermaplaning research and training on the Spa One Facebook Page.

Through the month of December, we’re offering dermaplaning at the introductory price of $125 (regularly $160). Contact us if you’d like to make an appointment.

2 Responses to Why Are Women ‘Shaving’ Their Faces?

  1. Paula says:

    Hello! I’m interested in dermaplanning ! It would be my first time. Please let me know if this coming Monday is available. Also, how much would this cost.?

    • Staff at The Plastic Surgery Group says:

      Hi Paula! We are so sorry for the delayed response.

      If you are still interested in coming in for a dermaplaning treatment, please call the office at (518) 438-0505. Our staff will be able to provide all of the details, including pricing, on the phone.

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