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Why Cup Size Is Not Reliable


It’s common for women seeking breast augmentation in Syracuse to request a particular cup size at their initial consultations. Although cup size can be a useful tool for imagining your future look, it’s not an entirely reliable measurement for plastic surgeons.

As most women have likely noticed, bra sizing guidelines are not universal. Some lingerie brands are known for undersizing their bras, while others allow for more generous dimensions. The sizing situation becomes more complex when you take into account the fact that many women wear incorrectly sized bras. This unreliability makes cup sizes poor tools in a surgical context, where precision is very important.

Instead of cup sizes, implants are measured with a unit of volume called a cc, or cubic centimeter. Using ccs allows for much more precise results. Though you and your surgeon may discuss potential cup sizes, these are used for estimation only and should not be relied upon for determining your final results.

During a pre-op appointment, you’ll likely try on implant sizers. These sample implants, measured in ccs, can provide both you and your surgeon with a fairly accurate, though not 100%, preview of your post-surgical results. It may be useful to bring along a trusted friend or loved one to this appointment to provide an objective opinion about your desired appearance. Your surgeon will also provide valuable input and make recommendations based on your wishes and body type.

Ultimately, the decision about the size and shape of your implants rests with you. By discarding the idea of the “perfect” cup size and instead considering factors such as your lifestyle, anatomical proportions, and long-term goals, you’ll be better equipped to make a sound choice when choosing your implants.

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