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Why Plastic Surgery is #Trending


by Steven Lynch

In a trend I’ve seen for many years, plastic surgery is once again surging this winter. My fellow surgeons and I are seeing more interest in breast enhancement, facelift surgery, and liposuction from our Syracuse and Albany-area patients than in other seasons. There are a number of reasons, old and new, behind the trend.

In our cold region, many patients say winter is a great time to undergo breast or body surgery because they are already bundled up in sweaters, coats, and other clothes that hide the signs of healing. Swelling and scars that haven’t yet faded are easily concealed under most winter wear.

Even in warmer regions of the country, though, plastic surgery still “trends” during winter. This has long been the case because people traditionally take more time off work at this time of year. A procedure can be discreetly scheduled among the holidays, which themselves often motivate people to get surgery.

More and more these days, we’re seeing surgical procedures given as a gift for a loved one. According to ABC News, doctors have recently seen a significant increase in holiday gifts of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services.

And then there’s the ultimate holiday motivator: the New Year’s resolution. As people make all kinds of vows to better their bodies and their lives, they often turn to the plastic surgeon’s office to help them get a head-start. At our practice, for instance, we can help patients set up a skincare regimen or perform liposuction to take care of stubborn fat that diet and exercise just aren’t helping.

Of course, we can perform any procedure at any time of year. The most important factor is whether it fits into the patient’s lifestyle.

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