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Albany Plastic Surgeons Explore Breast Implant Preferences in Region

At The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, patients are prioritizing safety and appearance, the team of plastic surgeons says, comparing local and national trends.

Albany, New York (July 2015) — Women considering breast augmentation say the safety and look of the implants are their top priorities, according to a national survey. At The Plastic Surgery Group ( in Albany, the team of plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic breast surgery says those goals align with what they've seen in their own region.

"Our patients carefully research breast augmentation before they even come in for their consultations, thanks to the abundance of information found online," Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore says. "They usually already know the differences between various implant styles and have definite priorities, similar to the results shown in this survey."

The survey was conducted by, a popular website where people considering plastic surgery can connect with physicians and patients who have already had cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. RealSelf asked thousands of its users about what they thought were the most important features of breast implants. Their top concern: safety.

The same goes for patients in the Upstate New York region, according to the group's board-certified plastic surgeons.

"As doctors, we love that safety is the first thing on patients' minds, and we're glad to field questions on that," Dr. Rockmore says. "Fortunately, breast augmentation has one of the lowest complication rates of any plastic surgery, especially with a qualified surgeon."

Another finding in the survey is that the look of implants was more important to patients than how they feel. About 80% of the women responding said they considered the look of implants a higher priority than feel.

"Most women we see want natural-looking results when they get breast implants," says Dr. Douglas Hargrave, another of the surgeons in Albany, NY. "A natural feel is important, too, but our patients generally say the look of the implants is one of their top priorities. Most have not liked how their breasts looked for years, so changing that look is the key."

The survey also found that cohesive silicone gel implants are preferred over saline implants by 3 out of every 4 breast augmentation patients. Those numbers match the most recent statistics from major industry group the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® and mirror what the surgeons see in the Capital District.

"Silicone gel breast implants are becoming even more popular as the choice of styles increases," Dr. Susan Gannon says. "Not only do they look and feel more natural than saline implants, but they are very safe and durable."

Durability is an important part of women's safety concerns, the survey showed. Nearly half of the respondents said they were "very concerned" about implants rupturing, even though it rarely occurs — fewer than 2% of implants rupture each year.

"We encourage our patients to gather as much information about breast implants as they can," Dr. Steven M. Lynch says. "A well-informed patient can confidently make choices about her procedure and work with her surgeon to get the best possible results. It's great to see that patients out there are spending time researching and considering their options."

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