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Healthy Living: Mommy Makeover, Part 1

By Marcie Fraser, originally published on YOUR NEWS NOW

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and having children can be wonderful, but getting that body back after the pregnancy is not so easy for some women.

"I felt very unattractive," said Stephanie Cornell. "It was all very strange to me because I never felt that way until I had children and my body changed so much."

After two babies, Stephanie Cornell's body was much different.

"I was very self conscious, not comfortable at all not. I was not pleased unless I was covered. I would not wear shorts," she said.

After seven years and much thought, she decided to meet with a plastic surgeon - but not just for a little lipo or just a tummy tuck. It was an all over body mommy makeover.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Lynch said, "Women in their 30s or 40s, they have had their children, they've really never done much for themselves, they've done everything for the children, for their family, and they figured, well it's time for me to do something."

This mommy makeover consists of a combination of surgeries all at once.

Dr. Lynch said, "The most common combination is actually doing tummy tuck and liposuction because that gets rid of fat that accumulated during pregnancies and lose skin."

Technical advances for lipo suction have improved and more fat can be taken out in targeted areas which include the back, arms, belly and legs, and many women, like Stephanie, also want a breast augmentation. She was ready for her makeover.

A main concern for many patients is, is it safe to have all the surgeries at the same time? According to the doctor, that is the way is should be done.

Dr. Lynch said, "Some patients just have a time frame of the anesthesia factor that scares them. I try to comfort them with that and just let them know that under the anesthesia, whether it's three hours or five hours, you are still floating at a very safe level, and if people can do it all together, I think it's the best way to go."

Stephanie's surgery took about five hours. Stayed tuned for the next health report to see her results.

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