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Healthy Living: Mommy Makeover, Part 2

By Marcie Fraser, originally published on YOUR NEWS NOW

Mommy Makeover

Having a baby can certainly change a woman's body. A major complaint is the belly. It seems no matter how much they diet or how much time they spend in a gym, it just can't make a difference.

"I worked out every day. I worked so hard. Nausea was my friend," said Stephanie Cornell. She's been fighting for seven years to get her body back to where it was before she had kids.

"I had a lot of loose skin," she said. "I had gained a lot of weight with my first pregnancy. He was a very large baby. Very unpleasant to look at and very self conscious."

She decided on a surgical solution, a mommy makeover consisting of several surgeries all at once.

Dr. Steven Lynch said, "For some people, it scares them to do everything together. But for us, doing it all together actually is, it's shorter times, when you add it all up. You can do everything safely together, you do it together."

So she did. She got a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation and to give her back her curves, she had her entire back done with liposuction, which tends to be the most painful part.

Dr. Lynch said, "I am fairly aggressive with liposuction because, to me, the skin belongs on the muscle the way it was before because it is thick skin. But the liposuction candela bumps muscle and makes people sore. So most patients say if you are doing an over mommy makeover, they will complain of back pain."

"The discomfort in the back definitely stayed longer than I would've like, but the results now made it worth it," said Cornell.

She was back to tending to the kids and exercising at about three weeks. It cost her $16,000. Makeovers do vary in price depending on how much you get done.

Cornell said, "I feel like an entirely different person. It's easier for me to feel like a woman inside and out. It's the best thing I ever did was have the surgery."

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