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Dr. Rockmore discusses Mommy Makeovers with Albany Mommy

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New Mommy Makeover

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Jeffery Rockmore from The Plastic Surgery Group in Albany about the growing popularity of the Mommy Makeover. The Mommy Makeover can consist of any of the following procedures a tummy tuck, liposuction and/or breast augmentation and usually occurs when a woman is not planning to have any additional children.

As a mom of twins I can relate to not “loving” my post baby body. Having children definitely takes its toll on your body especially your belly and breasts. Dr. Rockmore explained that many women are opting to have “the makeover” which entails having more than one procedure at a time to cut down on costs and recovery time. I asked him about the stereotypes that exist around plastic surgery especially a breast augmentation. I think that in the past the misconception was that if you had a breast augmentation that you would come out with significantly larger breasts which usually ended up looking very unnatural. Dr. Rockmore clarified that the goal is to restore your body back to your pre-baby body while looking as natural as possible.

Obviously cost is something that all moms are concerned with. I was surprised to learn that a Mommy Makeover is under $10K. This can include a tummy tuck, some liposuction and a breast augmentation. There are financing options which include up to 100% financing through the group.

What’s the recovery like? How do you manage with young kids at home? The recovery for a tummy tuck is about 2 weeks and about 5-7 days for a breast augmentation. Because of the overlap this is why many moms choose to do both at the same time. Dr. Rockmore says that the first 2-3 days are the worst and most painful, but that the pain is managed with pain medication. Gradually over the next 2 weeks your mobility increases and you are starting to feel better. After 2 weeks most are able to return to work with the only restriction being no lifting for 5 weeks.

Dr. Rockmore said that the biggest deterrent for moms considering a Mommy Makeover is trying to balance the needs of their family during the 2 week recovery period. Kids, homework, cooking, cleaning AND trying to recover are tough. Having help the first week will make things more manageable and gradually you will be able to do more and more at home. Cost was less of an issue for those that desire their pre-baby bods back.

Finally lets talk results…success is not measured in pounds or inches, but in how the patient looks and feels personally. That can mean different things to different people. It’s like when your favorite jeans fit just right…you don’t care what the scale says you’re just happy that they fit and look amazing!

For all my mommies out there considering a Mommy Makeover I would recommend setting up a free cosmetic consultation with The Plastic Surgery Group. During the consultation the Doctor will determine what procedures you will benefit from the most and walk you through the pre and post surgery. You will also leave with a quote for the work discussed and can make a decision from there as to when you would like to move forward with your Mommy Makeover.

After talking with Dr. Rockmore I would definitely consider having a Mommy Makeover. Diet and exercise is not getting me back to where I want to be. Now all I need to do is find help for a 2 week period and I will be on my way to having my pre-baby bod back!

The Plastic Surgery Group is located at 455 Patroon Creek Blvd #101, Albany, NY. To set up a free cosmetic consultation call (518) 438-0505. For more information and amazing before and after photos please visit their website at

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