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Liposuction Before & After Pictures of Patient 1142

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Case Number: 1142




4 months post op lipsuction of saddlebags



Liposuction Before Photo | Albany, NY | The Plastic Surgery Group Liposuction After Photo | Albany, NY | The Plastic Surgery Group

The 45 year old lady did not like her saddlebags.  They are prominent and can be approached easily by liposuction.  The areas now blend nicely.

  Interestingly, this patient is a candidate for CoolSculpt.  This is a relatively new technology that is appropriate for this area and especially the abdomen fatty tissue and love handles.  It basically freezes the fat cells without any injury whatsoever to the skin.  It causes no downtime.

  I mention this because if you have deposits of fatty tissue that are not large, then the CoolSculpt can be of help.  It takes down about 20% of the fatty tissue depsosit areas at one treatment so a patient like this would need more than one treatment to get this liposuctioned result.

  Options should be discussed but at the time I did this lady's liposuction, there were no options.

  Happy patient...happy Doctor.  Win Win

Surgeon: Steven Lynch, MD

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