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Breast Augmentation Before & After Pictures of Patient 1028

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Case Number: 1028


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Breast Augmentation Before Photo | Albany, NY | The Plastic Surgery Group Breast Augmentation After Photo | Albany, NY | The Plastic Surgery Group

This young woman had long thought about breast augmentation and wished to have fuller breasts with more cleavage. She was wearing a B-cup bra size and wished to be in the full C-cup range. She and Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discussed that there is great variability among bra manufactures and no standardization within the industry, meaning one company's C-cup bra may equate to another company's D-cup bra size. However after going through pictures of breasts that she thought were attractive, she and Dr. Rockmore were able to select the right size for breast implants during a consultation in Albany, N.Y. Many women bring in pictures that they have found online and in magazines of breasts very similar in appearance to what they hope to achieve. This can be quite helpful in selection of the implants.

In this woman, moderate-plus-profile silicone implants were placed behind the muscle to give the desired effect. The enhanced projection of the moderate-plus-profile implants gave more fullness and cleavage but maintained a natural appearance. She is very happy with the results, which was Dr. Rockmore's ultimate goal.

Patient Gender: Female

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