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Nose Reshaping Before & After Pictures of Patient 1171

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Case Number: 1171


Before Front


After Front

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Nose Reshaping Before Photo | Albany, NY | The Plastic Surgery Group Nose Reshaping After Photo | Albany, NY | The Plastic Surgery Group

This very attractive 34 year old lady did not like her nasal contour with her major complaint being  the "hump"  on her nose especially seen in the pre op side view.  Patients  with bumps/humps on their noses do not like their picture taken, especially from the side, and they really have a hard time keeping confidence even with other facial features that are very pleasing as shown in this case.

  The patient has a very legitimate issue with the hump but with further discussions, there was much more to be gained by doing a nasoplasty.  Notice in the pre op front photo that she has a wide nose and it has a more "harsh" appearance  than would be the case with a very feminine nose.  Her nose is "boxy" and masculine in its size and width.   We can improve  details that a patient feels are a problem and at the same time  get other gains in the entire nose appearance.

  A closed (no incisions on the skin whatsoever) nasoplasty was chosen (my preferred method in almost all cases except those that need extensive tip modification).  The case takes about 2 hours and is done as an outpatient.  A splint is used and kept in place for about 6 days.

  The patients frontal show of her nostrils is really nice pre op so we wanted to keep that angle and nostril show.  For this reason, no tip elevation was going to be done.

  The patient is seen at 4 weeks...yes...4 weeks !  Patients are told that they will need up to a year to see the final result so you can imagine improving details as this year progresses.  She now presents with very feminine attractive facial features. No one feature is a standout in a negative appearance.    Notice that your eyes are not brought to her nose after the nasoplasty  where your eyes might have been drawn to her nose with the bump pre operatively.  This is the objective of the nasoplasty...let a patients nose blend and fit her face while enhancing her other facial features.

  The patient and the doctor are very happy and it just does not get better than that.

Surgeon: Steven Lynch, MD
Patient Gender: Female

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