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Facelift FAQ

Over the years, our surgeons have answered countless questions about facelift surgery. If you're considering a facelift at our practice near Syracuse, NY, you probably have many questions about the procedure, the recovery, and the results. We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below to help you better understand what to expect.

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What's the right age for a facelift?

There is no "right" age for facelift surgery. Rather, whether you can benefit will depend on your degree of facial aging. Women and men who have loose skin in the lower face and neck are usually good candidates, as are those with visible "jowling" along the jawline. The typical age range for our facelift patients is 40 to 70. The current trend in plastic surgery is starting younger, which leads to natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Do you offer non-surgical alternatives?

Younger patients with early signs of aging can attain beautiful results with non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, and Ultherapy®. These treatments can help facelift patients maintain the improvements from their results, as well.

Will a facelift rejuvenate my whole face?

No, a facelift is not intended to address the upper portion of the face, including the eyes and forehead. If you are concerned about these areas, your surgeon may recommend eyelid surgery or a brow lift be performed at the same time as your facelift.

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Meet the expertly trained Albany plastic
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Meet Our Surgeons

Meet the expertly trained Albany plastic surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group, serving the Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Utica, and Albany area of New York.

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How soon will I be able to return to work?

You can expect to return to a non-strenuous job about 2 weeks after your facelift, depending on your individual healing process and physical stamina.

What can I do to get back to work as soon as possible?

At The Plastic Surgery Group, our facelift patients enjoy the benefits of our full-service, on-site medical spa, Spa One. Our trained and experienced aestheticians will help minimize any swelling, discoloration, and irritation you may have during the immediate postoperative period. They will also help you develop an ongoing, at-home skincare regimen to help you maintain your renewed youthfulness.

Will people notice that I've had surgery?

A facelift that is performed properly should not show obvious signs of surgery. Our plastic surgeons are very skilled and use precise surgical techniques to avoid a tight or pulled appearance. This outcome is ideal for people who don't expect to erase all signs of aging and are more interested in natural-looking results. Many of our patients express that they look more refreshed and youthful after surgery.

Will I need to have another facelift in the future?

Although a facelift can last for many years, your skin and muscles will still be susceptible to the effects of time and gravity. You will continue to age after a facelift, but you will look younger than your chronological age because of surgery. If you decide that you want to continue to look good at a new stage of life, another facelift may be beneficial.

Can a facelift address all of my facial wrinkles?

A facelift can improve the look of deep marionette lines, which run vertically from the corners of the mouth to the chin. It can also improve the look of smile lines or laugh lines that appear as parenthesis around the mouth. However, a facelift will not correct fine lines in the skin, which is why additional treatments such as laser resurfacing or dermal fillers may be beneficial.

What are the possible risks and complications?

Rarely are there serious or long-lasting complications from facelift surgery. But, as with all surgeries, there are potential complications that may occur. In rare cases, blood may collect under a certain area of the skin that will have to be removed by your plastic surgeon. Also in extremely rare cases, facial muscles or nerves may be affected, leading to temporary stiffness or awkward movements.

You should follow the directions your plastic surgeon gives you before and after your facelift surgery to minimize the occurrence of complications and to promote the healing process.

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