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Tummy Tuck Tidbits Most Patients Don’t Know

by Steven Lynch If you’ve been reading up on tummy tuck surgery, you probably have a good handle on the basics: No smoking before surgery, back to work after a couple of weeks, and exercise lightly during the recuperation period. … Continue reading

Your Options for Aging Breast Implants

by Susan Gannon Most people are aware that breast implants don’t last forever, but not everyone knows what that means for people who have implants. Our breast surgeons in Albany, NY, like to discuss this with patients before they commit … Continue reading

Is Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures Always Better?

by John Noonan With the safety and efficacy of many plastic surgery procedures at an all-time high, the popularity of combining procedures continues to grow. Along with many other Saratoga Springs-area plastic surgeons, I’ve observed this trend right here at … Continue reading