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Defining Normal: Why Fall’s Anti-Trend Is Nothing New for Plastic Surgery

As a plastic surgeon whose goal is to help my breast augmentation patients in Albany achieve natural-looking results, I can’t say that I’m surprised by the latest fashion movement known as “normcore.” Amused, yes. But surprised, no. If you haven’t heard of “normcore” yet, … Continue reading

You’re Invited: Learn About CoolSculpting® & Ultherapy® in Albany!

As board-certified plastic surgeons, my colleagues and I in Albany at The Plastic Surgery Group strive to stay ahead of the latest advances in cosmetic enhancement. Often, what we learn and see firsthand is so exciting, we just can’t keep … Continue reading

Plastic Surgeons Agree: The Treatment Fast Becoming a Household Name

Our team of plastic surgeons in Albany tries hard to stay on top of aesthetic trends, and one we’ve noticed recently came up in an article earlier this month that referenced actress Jennifer Anniston’s self-described ideal weight. The article makes the case that, … Continue reading