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5 Celebrities Who Faced the Threat of Breast Cancer Publicly

As we have seen recently with the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” benefitting the ALS Association, celebrities can harness their star power to bring awareness to important causes. As our team of breast reconstruction surgeons in Albany gears up for Breast Cancer … Continue reading

‘Double Bubble’ & 7 Other Reasons for Revision Breast Surgery

I am very excited to share a new resource with you today to help you in your pursuit of plastic surgery. Our new website, All About Breast Augmentation, was created specifically with our Albany breast surgery patients in mind. We … Continue reading

Defining Normal: Why Fall’s Anti-Trend Is Nothing New for Plastic Surgery

As a plastic surgeon whose goal is to help my breast augmentation patients in Albany achieve natural-looking results, I can’t say that I’m surprised by the latest fashion movement known as “normcore.” Amused, yes. But surprised, no. If you haven’t heard of “normcore” yet, … Continue reading